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Both Modafinil and Armodafinil are FDA approved product by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) of USA with their brand name of “Nuvigil and “Provigil”, we also maintain the same standard/ material and quality at our manufacturing labs of on all our Products.

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What does Modafinil 200 do?

  • Heighted Alertness
  • Sharpened sensory functions
  • Laser Sharp focus and concentration
  • 100% wakefulness
  • Improved thinking ability
  • Improved memory

What is Modalert?

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If you are new to the nootropic industry, then some drugs and terminologies would not be familiar. One of such healthcare products is Modalert, which is a generic Provigil manufactured by Sun Pharm in India. This drug is similar to Provigil, and contains the same active ingredients and chemical structure as Provigil. However, Modalert is different from Provigil because it is readily available online and at lower prices compared to Provigil.

Modalert is a smart drug that is gaining significant popularity because of its tremendous health and wellness benefits. Some of the benefits of this drug is its ability to increase attention, memory, and learning. Hence, Modalert is important for its enhancement of mental work, making us more creative and productive.

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What is the difference between Modalert and Modafinil?


Any newbie in the nootropic industry would have a lot of questions to ask about the wide variants of the same drug. Well, that is why Modadove is here, we are born for nootropics and we answer all the questions. You need to know that both drugs contain the main component – modafinil. In an attempt to create an inexpensive alternative to labeled Provigil, Modalert was born, although it is composed of similar active component. The need for a cheaper version of the branded medication resulted in the manufacture of Modafinil. However, the need for a simplified purchase of generic drugs through online stores without prescriptions resulted in the manufacture of Modalert. Modalert is less expensive compared to Provigil or Modafinil, and you can order the drug from any online store.

The Health Benefits of Modalert

Reports indicates that Modalert is considered by many to be the best form of generic Modafinil available in the market. This drug has its tremendous health benefits although different individuals have their distinct reaction to smart drugs. Overall, different Modalert users have found tremendous health benefits using this drug.

At Modadove, we look critically at questions, and amass the best information from research on different nootropic products. You need to be relaxed, we are bent on increasing your productivity and creativity, but not at the expense of your health. So, let’s answer the question: what are the health benefits of Modalert?

The health benefits of Modalert are similar to Modafinil, and below are the benefits:

• Extended Wakefulness: All these smart drugs help wakefulness and productivity, but non compares to Modalert. Modvigil works well for 10-12+ hours of focus and productivity; however, when you need more extended periods of wakefulness and productivity of 12-15+ hours, then you are best off taking Modalert.

• Improved Memory Retention: Modalert has proven to increase memory retention and this is the reason for the increased popularity among students and public speakers. Users of Modalert have reported increased productivity to help reach their goals either improving their grades or making more money.

• Increased Productivity: Modalert is a smart drug, and you can’t expect anything less when you take this drug. Taking this drug with dramatically increase your productivity and creativity. Reports from users showed that some experienced double productivity on days when they take their drugs.

• Potent Smart Drug: Our team of experts have reviewed Modalert and found it to be one of the most potent smart drug, that improves wakefulness and mental health. Modalert should be your go-to when you need exceptional level of focus.

Modalert Side Effects

There could be side effects when you take nootropics, and the same applies to Modalert. Users of Modafinil reported that the product is extremely safe for their health as it does not cause any serious issue. In fact, military aviators take Modafinil to stay awake for during prolonged missions, and less than ten percent of the users have reported any side effects taking these drugs.

There could be side effects when you take nootropics, and the same applies to Modalert. Users of Modafinil reported that the product is extremely safe for their health as it does not cause any serious issue. In fact, military aviators take Modafinil to stay awake for during prolonged missions, and less than ten percent of the users have reported any side effects taking these drugs.

We might not be able to overrule the side effects of taking Modalert. Some of the possible side effects include, headaches, dizziness, anxiety, nausea, nervousness, agitation, dry mouth/throat, and diarrhea. A few people actually report any of these side effects, and the most significant side effects are insomnia, and dehydration based on reports from sufferers.

However, the side effects of this drug can be mitigated by taking the appropriate precautions. Modalert is an appetite suppressant, so you could skip meals and forget to take water after using this drug. To forestall dehydration when you take this drug, you should aim at taking at least two litters of water during the day.

The next side effects could be excessive interference with your normal sleep schedule. To mitigate this side effect, you can take your dose earlier that day, possibly by 8 am. Taking your dose earlier would mean the cycle of the drug would be completed before you retire to bed.

A common side effect of taking excess Modalert is dependence, because it increases the level of dopamine in the brain. The reports of dependence are very rare, and we recommend that users take the drug not more than three times a week, and take complete two-week break after two months of consistent intake of this drug.

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