Shipping & Payment


We ship to almost all countries, except Canada, Columbia & Mexico.

For Europe customers we use special shipment to ensure you get your products since the border security or the customs are stringent out there so there could be an additional shipping charges applicable since we would be shipping it from our EU warehouse.

Shipping Method:
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Refunds and Reshipments

Refunds can only be made if your products isn’t delivered due to customs hold etc.

Reshipments are eligible if the item is:
Stuck in the country of origin/ destination.
If you received less quantity or wrong product.

Reshipments are not eligible if :
You provide wrong name /shipping address.
If delivery is failed due to recipient isn’t available etc.


We want to ensure that all our buyers/ customer feel secured dealing with us and to help prevent from all online data theft and to keep your financial information more secure we prefer to accept payments in Crypto-currency ( such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, as it is the safest and allows you to stay anonymous in all transactions so, your bank don’t questioned you on where the transaction was made and for what etc. with this payment method we’re able to get you flat 22% discount on all orders as, we pay Hugh fees to 3 rd party merchant service provider for using their service, so we thought we can in return give you this high fee in a form of discounts which we’d be paying merchant service provider otherwise.

However if it’s a deal breaker, we would accept payment through bank cards powered by Master & Visa only which would be charged at our end manually and there shall be no discount given using such bank cards.

We can also accept PayPal. We avail PayPal payment options to our first buyer only who are hesitant to pay using bitcoins or other payment methods, we usually send invoices through PayPal using your email and you initiate the payment at your end by filling required info. You do not need to own PayPal account to pay, with the link we'd be sending you, you can use your debit / credit card to pay.

If you are an EU customer and if you own an account with E-Payments we can accept payments from your e-payment account to our e-payments account easily.

Mode Of Payments supported:
Payments supported
Visa and Master Bank Cards:
Payments supported Payments supported